A Review of the New Social Video Sensation: Vine

First it was Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram and now it’s Vine. The latter is the newest entrant to the social video app world and needless to say it’s hit the ground running. Launched in June 2012 and acquired by Twitter in October of the same year, this social video app has everyone on the web talking.

In essence, Vine is the video equivalent of Instagram. The app allows users to record short six minute looping clips, which can be shared on the app, on Twitter and even on Facebook. Many Vine users often visit YouTube or Twisted-Vine to buy Vine followers cheap. How to get a lot of Vine followers?


What to Expect

The most basic feature of the app is the video recording feature. Currently, the app does not allow for the creation of looping videos from existing videos. Instead, to post a video on the app users have to record straight from the app, and no video is complete unless it is six minutes long. The recording feature of the app captures the sound as well.

After recording a clip, users can proceed to share their videos with other Vine users. In addition, the app allows for sharing of videos on both Twitter and Facebook and since Vine is a Twitter product, sharing of videos would not be complete without a Hashtag or a caption.

Another great feature of the app is the search feature. There are various ways of searching for videos on the app, the first being using the search box on the app. Alternatively, users can also use the “editor’s picks” and “popular now” streams.

The Good

The buy Vine followers app can be a valuable addition to a company’s online marketing portfolio. This is especially so since creation of content is easy and can be shared on a company’s Twitter handle. Several brands are experimenting with the app and as it matures, more brands are sure to follow suit.

The App makes creation and sharing of videos on two of the most popular social networking platforms easy and seamless. Additionally, since a short video is more engaging than a photograph, from a company brand point of vie Vine adds more value than photo sharing apps.

Twitter is one of the largest social networking sites in the world and when integrated with Vine, a twitter account becomes more than just a networking site. Moreover, it is easy to find users to follow when integrated to a twitter account, which makes sharing of videos much more fun.

The Bad

Like all other newbie social apps, the Vine app is not void of weaknesses and you can get cheap Vine followers. For starters, Vine is only compatible with the Apple iOS, which means that videos can only be recorded and shared using Apple gadgets. This therefore means that a large percentage of Smartphone users do not have access to the app.

Twitter is currently working to introduce the app in other platforms, so in a few years time it will be available on all other platforms. However, Twitter has no intentions of streamlining the Facebook integration feature, for obvious reasons. Integrating the app with Facebook can be a nightmare. To further worsen the situation videos cannot be viewed in their original form on Facebook; instead users have to use links.

The Vine Verdict

The Vine social video app is still in its infancy; as such users can expect more features as it grows. And for an app on in its infancy, it is on the right track.

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